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If the tenant does not pay the rent, ReassureRent will manage the eviction, restore possession of the premises back to the landlord, and pay the landlord for the missing rent!

ReassureRent Covers your Rental Income!

We understand that as a property manager or owner, you have a process in place for tenant screening. And yet, according to the Orange County Register, 499,010 unlawful detainer cases were filed over the last three years in California.

In the current pro-tenant legal environment, where evictions now take months to resolve, even more protection is needed for landlords. Even good tenants can have a run of bad luck and become unable to pay the rent. The loss of rental income for two, three, or even six months can be devastating for rental property owners who are not adequately protected.

What do you have to protect you when the unexpected happens to the tenant? This is where we come in.


We’re glad you found us.

Eric Jarvis, Esq. | Founder of ReassureRent

ReassureRent covers your rental income when the unexpected happens.

If your tenant fails to pay the rent, serve your three-day notice like normal, then contact us. We will reach out to that tenant with a cash offer to move out immediately. If that doesn’t work, we will hire the eviction attorney, and pay the court costs for the eviction*.  When the property is restored back to your possession, we will pay you up to six months of the missing rent.

*up to $1,500

Eric Jarvis

ReassureRent is backed by a team with over 20 years of insurance and legal experience.


In 1995, Eric Jarvis started his career as a landlord/tenant attorney in Los Angeles, California. He began working in the insurance sector in 1999 and quickly recognized the need for higher levels of trust and comfort between property owners and tenants.

ReassureRent is offered exclusively by eRLY Insurance Solutions, Inc. (CA Insurance License No. 0L80372) and is backed by Prime Insurance Company, rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

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